Okay, so here’s the plan so far. This is a new project with new original music, no cover songs. Jessica is new to the country. She came here from Indonesia where she worked in various roles in the entertainment industry including radio and television and live stage entertainment. She has been singing her entire life, and has been the lead vocalist in several hundred live performances including weddings and parties and concerts. She has performed in front of huge corporate gatherings and government ceremonies. For the past year she’s been composing her own songs for the first time. At this point she has 20 playable songs, and she’s been working with music engineers to record them and begin publishing online. Next we’re trying to get other musicians involved. In regards to auditions, it’s a flexible concept at this point. What I mean by that is we’re looking for a good match for this project and auditions will include finding alignment with values, vision, commitment, experience, and work ethic. Ideally it would be someone who feels really good about the music she’s been creating and someone local that is available weekly for practicing and performing. We’re looking for musicians who want to work and are more interested in working than in partying, and we’d love to find people who would be happy to make a one-year verbal commitment to the project. Ideally Jessica would like to continue this project for a long time, potentially decades, or even as her life’s work. Jessica is currently attending two open mics per week, Tuesdays in Latrobe and Fridays in Pittsburgh, and we’re keeping our eyes and ears open for any and all opportunities to perform. We’re highly optimistic and highly motivated. This is Jessica’s primary, full-time job Monday through Saturday, so she has many hours and tons of energy to commit to this work. We’re excited to build the band and get out and wow the audience. We hope you are excited too and are a good match for this adventure.