Jessica Bella Music

Jessica wasn’t born in the United States, but she has always loved our country. She is currently waiting for her green card, so let’s hope and pray she gets it soon! She was asked by a friend to sing this song on Memorial Day 2020 in Mount Pleasant, PA, and she did an incredible job. It’s hard to believe she learned this song the day before, such an awesome presentation by a precious person. We love you, Jess ♥

Listen to more singing samples here.

Singing with the Band

Best Western Hotel New Year’s Eve Party, performed with Soft Keys Band.

Wedding Hosting and Singing

I was part of the talent as a singer and host of this wedding and honored to be part of this happy day.

Gospel Team

I was honored to be with these amazing singers.

Party Hosting and Singing

I was getting ready to sing in A Luxurious Wedding Party with my previous band.

Party Hosting

Hosting a culture festival to celebrate South Kalimantan’s 467th anniversary.

Party Hosting and Singing

Hosting a large coal mining company’s anniversary, and as always, I was also singing 🙂

Singing is my lifelong passion and one of the greatest loves of my life. I love to sing. I love to perform. I love people, and I love to bless an audience with a heartfelt and inspiring performance of something beautiful. I hope we can meet soon, and I look forward to helping make your next event amazing.

I’m from Indonesia where I was a professional singer performing at hundreds of weddings and events, even singing and MCing before 1000s of people. At that time, I would sing 80s, 90s, 00s, jazz, pop, many fan-favorites, cover songs, etc. Additionally, I was the worship leader at my church, so I’m trying to recreate something like I had back in Indonesia, but of course I am open to new directions as well. I love most types of music, even country music is beautiful to me. The only music I don’t feel drawn to is something with a negative or angry message. I love something positive that makes my audience feel amazing.

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